LULU Vape Bars

About this Brand:

LULU Vape Bars are the latest in innovative e-liquid disposable devices providing better air flow with a curved mouthpiece. This allows the user to draw and taste the deep flavors of the e-liquid for mouth-watering satisfaction with every inhale.

The wider device makes it easier to hold and contains 5% nicotine and 1.8ml of flavor, which provides long lasting use with an average of 300 hits per device.

Each LULU Vape Bar is filled with world-renowned and award-winning flavors from TWIST E-Liquids, Lost Art, Off the Record, and DNA. The best-selling e-liquids from each of these famed brands are distilled and put in LULU Vape Bars, which allows fans an opportunity to enjoy their beloved flavors on the go without a cumbersome device.  

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